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Finding Favor

If you’re an NBA basketball fan, the big news overnight was the New Orleans Pelicans surprisingly winning the first pick in the 2019 NBA draft. Zion Williamson is all but crowned the first pick by whichever NBA franchise got that first pick. The selection is decided by dropping numbered ping pong balls of eligible teams into clear cylinder tubes in front of the ESPN audience.

Four other teams held much higher percentage of chance and position to win the first pick; the NBA gods smiled on the Pelicans. No matter how a bit of good fortune happens our way, it sure is nice to find favor with something important these days. At the end of the school year every student is hoping to find favor with their teachers and their final grades. The best we can do is study hard and ask for good luck on those final exams.

If you’ve ever gotten pulled over in a lot of traffic with police running radar it’s the same idea; getting a break, finding favor with the traffic cop. We hope to get a little warning and another chance to slow down. This weekend at Journey we begin a new six week series, RE, using ancient, memorable old testament stories in the Bible of God.

We will share interesting characters from the Bible who find themselves in some kind of tension or conflict in life, just like us. Eventually in each of these God stories the character discovers God is there to help overcome whatever obstacle. These fascinating stories of God working with people just like us will help all of us find meaning and purpose again in real life difficulties.

This weekend we’ll take a look at the life of Noah found in Genesis 6. We will explore how water is both destructive and life-giving. I hope you can join us as we begin this review of the classic stories in the Bible and God working in the lives of people every day.

Join us this weekend at Journey and look again at Noah and his small family (8 total) who were able to find favor with God; even as the entire world was lost and destroyed. God can find you today, whatever situation; even when our life feels like we’re adrift to nowhere in a big, vast ocean.

Because of Jesus, it’s not over.

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