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Walk Across the Room

Meeting a stranger and being nice is not that hard to do. Usually it is not as hard as we might think. Just saying a friendly hello can be as simple as walking across the room. You might be able to introduce yourself with a smile or handshake; it’s just that simple. It’s nice to be nice.

Last night at the coffee shop I spoke to William, again. I don’t know his last name but I have seen him off and on in the same coffee shop for several years. For whatever reason last night our conversation went further. He stood waiting for his coffee drink beside my table and I inquired how his job was going. William told me he was doing his best, working in law enforcement, hoping to bring a better culture inside the local justice system.

Willam is a young, strong African-American who has a huge smile and warm handshake. I think he is in exactly the right place and the right person to bring an alternative for those finding themselves in lock-up.

This weekend we share part two of the current series RE, as we re-load some of the Bible stories maybe forgotten. Last weekend we explored and began to re-think the story of Noah in the Bible. Even when the whole world was lost and destroyed because of evil, there was one man, named Noah, who survived with his family.

Even when hope is lost it can be reborn. Because of Noah and his obedience to God, he found favor with God; you and I can too. This is the relevant story of Noah for everyone. It is not over until God says so. A fresh, new start is possible for everyone in the world. God is for everybody, not everybody knows, we have to tell everybody.

This weekend in episode two of the series we’ll check out two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, which were lost. God rained down judgment and destruction on people who were unwilling to repent and become better versions of themselves. Like Noah, God identifies a man, Abraham, who is highly valued by God for wanting to be a positive influence in his world.

I hope you will join us this weekend at Journey in one of our services. Either Saturday @ 6 pm or Sunday @ 10:30 am. We’ll hold the door open for you and help you inside. This is a friendly place where people even welcome strangers all the time. If you haven’t tried church in a while this would be a good place to get things started again.

As my friend William was leaving the coffee shop last night he said, “I’ve always noticed how you are friendly to all the people who come in here for the coffee.” William told me that was something that made him curious about our small group of guys at he table. Sometimes you don’t have to use words to make a good impression on people, just be nice to everyone in the room.

Hope you can schedule some time for gathering with us this weekend at Journey. Instead of letting the world influence us for important life decisions, let’s consider how we can be a positive influence in the world each day.

It’s nice to be nice, even to strangers. Just take a short walk across the room and stick your hand out. "Hi my name is ____________, what’s yours?"

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