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Trust Issues

The friend spotted me on the sidewalk and we talked for a minute. Actually, I mostly listened to my friend explain some of their personal doubts. My friend had a bad experience in a church which they have never been able to resolve. This friend who was struggling said, “I don’t trust churches anymore.” Trust issues are real everywhere, not just in politics.

My friend loves God but has lost faith in some people claiming faith. This is a recurring theme in human history and Biblical history. The world is filled with examples of betrayal and revenge repeated often between friends and family. There has always been trust issues as long as there have been people.

This weekend as people gather at Journey Church, and churches everywhere, new people will arrive who have some questions about trust. I pray that everywhere, all of us who follow Jesus will do our best to listen and build trust once again. Once trust has been lost it becomes very hard to regain; my friend reminds me Churches are not exempt.

Trust is something like water flowing downstream in a river. Sometimes sudden factors like weather, earthquakes, and human intervention have caused rivers to reverse their direction. Most of the time it is only temporary but in a few cases it can be permanent. We are living in a culture where people factors have affected trust in long standing institutions like government, education, and health.

When trust is diverted like the flow of a river, it causes unintended results. We (churches and institutions) have to work together to reverse the direction of trust once again. It’s not over and never too late to get the water flowing again in a better direction. People rebuild all the time following a hurricane or devastating storm in their life.

Together, we can all make this world a better place, one day, one conversation at a time. If you bump into a skeptic this weekend, invite them to Journey or your own place of worship. Tell them you would like to help them re-direct some of their doubts that have arisen.

This weekend at Journey we consider the Bible story of Joshua facing an impossible military task as leader of an army. We’ll explore from our current series Re, and how Joshua learns to re-direct the chain of command. Nothing is impossible when God is in charge.

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