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Don't Quit Now

Maybe you’ve started an exercise program recently and now you're not sure you want to continue; don’t quit. It could be you decided to go back to school this fall, but found it was potentially more time consuming than you realized; don’t quit. If you are like me and have longer term goals for your life, we’ll need a little encouragement and reinforcement to see them through to the end. As we often say, “We’re in this together.”

This weekend at Journey is Father’s Day, and we hope you and your dad are able to join us. In honor of all dad’s we are re-loading the Journey coffee bar with dad’s favorite morning coffee snack: donuts. We’re calling it, Donuts for Dad! If you like morning fresh chocolate or glazed donuts, this is the weekend for you and dear old dad!

Also, this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we explore another relevant life lesson from our current series, Re, as we re-load some Bible take-away from the life of Elijah. He was quite a character with quite a story to remember. If you are in town bring dad or a guest and make a memory together. Our guarantee is still good, if you don’t like it you don’t have to come back; most people do like what they discover and return.

Here’s a teaser from the Bible event we share this weekend at Journey: Meeting our worst enemy head-on is sometimes unavoidable. If you’ve been avoiding people or places this talk from the Bible may give some new insights to consider. Sometimes victory and success is just the next step away. Don’t quit too soon on your biggest obstacle, challenge or mission in life. With God’s help, we can do anything!

I imagine we all can remember times we acted hastily. Don’t let fear rule our hearts. Before throwing in the towel and giving up on moving forward, never forget what God has done in the past and might do again. Be a faithful follower of God’s plan for you; just be you. You can move forward with certainty; don’t quit too soon.

Remember, God can do anything.

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