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You Can Do This

As a minister, I often meet with people who are needing some immediate encouragement and support. After doing this for years, I wonder, maybe all people need a little boost in the hope and confidence department each day. As they say, “Life is hard, yard by yard; life’s a cinch, inch by inch.”

When our front doors open and you walk inside I know in my heart everyone has their own struggles and a story to tell. Nobody gets things right all the time. It’s ok to not be ok. Regardless what others may say, never throw yourself (anyone) under the bus; it’s not over.

Repeat after me: God is still working on it, working on me, we’re in this together. You (we) can do this with a little help from God and friends. Next time our life circumstance becomes hard to swallow, try taking a smaller bite. Believe God more, follow God more, trust God more. You (we) can do this.

Now there, we did it. I hope you are feeling a little stronger and more confident. God is bigger than whatever we face. As we like to say at Journey gatherings, “Faith eats fear for breakfast.”

As you begin making plans for weekend activities would you consider joining us again (or for your first time) at Journey worship? Would you consider inviting a guest to join you as our friend? If it isn’t possible for you to be here in person maybe consider listening to this message online through our website or Journey app. Our website can be found:

Our Journey Church Cynthiana app is a free download at the App Store online.

I am praying for you right now. My mission this weekend will be tackling the unhealthy but very human dilemma of chronic discouragement; symptoms of which drip like a leaky faucet through weeks, months, and years of life. So much damage can be done with the constant drip, drip, drip of negative thoughts and outcomes.

There is an answer; God is our rescue. I promise we’ll Journey together to discover relevant words of hope in the Bible. THIS weekend is part three of our current summer series, GeneroUS, God has more for me than ME. We explore the Bible for life changing words to help us become an Overcomer. You are destined to be more. More than a victim damaged and discouraged by life. You are God’s Ambassador given great honor and God’s Masterpiece like artwork in a museum. You (we) are Overcomer’s.

We invite you to join us in this relevant discussion of becoming more than we could ever imagine or dream for God and His kingdom on earth. You (we) can do this….

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