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Stir Things Up

Summer 2019 is a great time for pools, picnics, and barbecues. Families gather for outdoor parties and cookouts with plenty of food to share. Maybe you have a favorite memory of an awesome summer vacation spot or restaurant with flavorful food. That memory may tie in great with our weekend worship gathering.

This weekend at Journey our summer series, GeneroUS, (God has more for me than ME) is all about sharing good stuff we enjoy with others. The main teaching line for the entire series says: When you know who you are, you know what to do. So far we’ve discovered every Jesus follower is His Ambassador, Masterpiece and Overcomer. We literally represent God on earth everywhere we go; we’ve got honored status. We’re not just scribbles on the wall and mess-ups; but more like His piece of art work on display in the world.

When you know who you are you know what to do. I hope you can join us this weekend and bring a friend. We’re in this together.

Hey, even if you’ve been super busy and unable to get inside lately, it's ok. You can jump right in this weekend and take home some practical ideas of being GeneroUS with everyone we meet. Another relevant lesson outline taken from the Bible suggests every Jesus follower brings the flavor to the party. This weekend we explore our identity as the Salt and Light in the world. We bring some flavor like the barbecue sauce on a picnic table everyone is grabbing for to spice up their barbecue sandwich. My fav is Texas hot sauce, no surprise there. What’s yours?

So, save a little space and time in your weekend calendar (Sat @ 6pm/Sun @10:30am) for worship. This weekend may be the motivation you need to begin new helpful things in your life. If you are new to reading the Bible on a regular basis, the summer break could be the perfect time to begin this habit. On your summer list of cleaning out closets and doing jobs you’ve put off for too long, reading more Bible might become the most important item on that summer to-do list. Just pick a topic in the Bible that interests you most, then grab a cold drink in a cool spot and relax. We’re in this together.

If you can, join us. I promise we’ll do our best to guide you through a few practical life changing thoughts written in the Bible. When we gather for worship with others, this real life experience becomes something like families and friends sharing times around a picnic table together.

Our guarantee and promise, if it tastes awful, you don’t have to come back; you don’t have to eat it. Most people do like it and come back. Whatever it is, it won’t be boring; we will spice things up like using hot sauce on your barbecue sandwich. By the way, I particularly like those barbecue places where they line up all the sauces in a six-pack and let you choose your favorite.

Journey is a place anybody could feel welcome and belong. Whatever kind of sauce you might see yourself as, we all fit in the same six-pack on the picnic table. God worked that out in the kitchen called heaven. And the Master Chef in everyone’s story is God’s Son and our Savior Jesus.

Join the fun. A worship gathering really is a lot like a picnic with good friends and basket full of flavorful food. We’ve got a plate for you. See you at Journey this weekend.

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