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Without Power

“On February 10th 2013, a fire broke out in an engine room of the Carnival cruise ship Triumph and knocked out the ship’s power. More than 4,200 passengers and crew were left in limbo, drifting in Gulf of Mexico currents. No power meant it was impossible to flush the toilets, keep cool under the blazing tropical sun, or preserve and cook all the perishable food on board. Passengers reported long lines for food, shortages of fresh water, illnesses, and widespread boredom. Many passengers slept in hallways or outside to escape the odors and heat below decks. The ship finally ported safely in Mobile, Alabama, four agonizing days later.” Adapted from “Power Outage Creates Cruise Ship from Hell,” June 17th, 2017.

The awful ordeal above is a vivid picture of being stranded in an ocean without power. This may also aptly describe what it feels like to live in our world without Jesus' power to move us forward each day. People without a Jesus relationship and the Holy Spirit inside them are like a ship without an engine, dead in the water. They have no purpose or plan, only drifting along, taken by the wind and currents.

Aren’t you glad this doesn’t have to be the end of our story? Because of Jesus we receive power to overcome. His Holy Spirit living inside each of us becomes the engine which moves us forward, past every setback to a better future; eventually to our eternal home in heaven.

Without God’s power in our life we are all stranded like those passengers on the cruise ship.

People need Jesus. Not everybody knows, We have to tell everybody. A Jesus follower is a disciple of Jesus. We are His Ambassador and representative on earth. We’re his Masterpiece and Overcomer. We are like the Salt and Light of the world helping rescue others. We are disciples who tell another person so they may become a disciple to tell another. We’re in this together.

We’re on a mission with God each day, explaining everyone can have Jesus power in their life. God really is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody. This weekend our Journey worship gathering time is the final episode in our current summer series, GeneroUS, God has more for me than ME! We have been repeating this one thought to remember: When you know who you are… you know what to do!

As everyone prepares for school restarting soon this could be an easy invite to someone to join you this weekend at Journey. Even if you’ve been unable to connect in previous worship weekends this summer, the final session promises to move the needle forward. Grab a seat and cup of coffee at our Journey weekend. This could really be exactly what you need to get your engine started again this fall.

We’re praying for you.

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