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One of Those Days

If you are like me, I can imagine you’ve said to yourself, “It’s been one of those days!” Maybe it happened during a summer vacation and the wheels literally came off with your best laid plans. Or, it could have been an unexpected trip to the emergency room for an injury that needed a few stitches after someone tumbled down a couple stairs. Things like this leave us wondering, “How did this happen?”

This week, Connie and I are spending time with our two week old baby grandson in California. After three adult children and (now) six grandchildren I am reminded of our unique and often fragile human nature. I had forgotten how quirky and unpredictable family life becomes during those first few days, weeks and months after bringing home a newborn.

As an example, nap time with a newborn becomes an adventure for both the baby and the parents. Everyone is a bit desperate to figure out a routine that works for their little home life together. Neither party is ready to cry “uncle” and accept the others terms of agreement for peaceful sleep time, maybe for days.

It’s quite a display of the natural tug-of-war with rest and unrest. In the end, mom and dad always prevail as it should be. For one thing, the “new kid” is out numbered and the math just doesn’t work for them. Also, remember the parents are the adults in the room and they happily figure things out.

This weekend at Journey, we introduce a new series for August. We’ll have two guest speakers during the month. Phil Richardson and Bryan Martinez are partnering to bring our August series titled, Encounters with Jesus. Show them your support by being there if you can and bring a guest.

These can be some of our best days at Journey as new guests continue to join in. Journey continues to be a very welcoming place for all kinds of people when they arrive at the door. Journey really is a special place where almost anyone could belong and feel welcome. You guys rock and really are GeneroUS!

Just last weekend we met a new friend who had walked into our community from another town miles away. When I spoke to him the first thing he asked me, “Am I welcome here? Can I stay?” Clearly, in his life travels he has experienced, “One of those days, how did this happen?” I was glad to assure him he was welcome and maybe we could help.

Open your eyes and ears this week and listen for people around you everywhere. Some of them are fighting their battles all alone and just need your smile and friendly hello. Pray God will guide you to that person/s YOU might ENCOUNTER and encourage the most.

Tell them we’re in this together. Just like a family bringing home a newborn.

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