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Not a Regular Day

This morning Connie and I awakened to sirens and loud noises just outside our bedroom window on the fourth floor of our building. While visiting our new grandson in San Francisco, our temporary housing accommodations are an upstairs apartment. Our son has friends who live here; they graciously allowed us lodging while away.

By the time Connie got to our window searching for what the commotion was all about, black smoke had begun rolling out the windows of the nearby apartment building. In a matter of seconds water was spraying from below as firemen were on the rooftop pulling away parts of the roof to look inside.

From our up-close vantage point, only three buildings from ours, we had a birds-eye view of firemen knocking down the huge cloud of black smoke. More than an hour later this area was still taped off with police and firemen all around. This nearby apartment fire certainly was not a normal start to our day. The people who live in those apartments in the building are going to need a temporary place to go tonight.

It is really nice to know when the fire alarm rings, first responders will respond immediately to our troubles. So many things beyond our human control happen each day. It is so easy to live with fear, anger and negative thoughts paralyzed to move through the day. What does anyone do when it no longer becomes a “normal day?”

This weekend at Journey, you can join Bryan Martinez as he shares part two in our current series, Encounter’s with Jesus. In the first century, Jesus met with people just like us today. As He moved about village to village, Jesus met families whose homes and lives were upside down, at great risk. Just like apartment dwellers coming home in the city finding their residence had a fire, families in Jesus’ culture faced tragedy, hunger, illness, and impossible relationships.

In the midst of hourly news cycles, minute by minute social media streams, all offering endless opinions and diagnosis for worldly troubles, Jesus ancient words from the Bible offer a freshness and hope for the world. Join in at Journey for one of our two services this weekend as school relaunches; bring a seat buddy and build a new friendship or deepen one that already exists. Journey Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @ 10:30am.

Sooner or later everyone has a “not normal” day. When a difficult moment comes to your block, farm or town we need friends who help us recover; and we need Jesus, a friend who sticks closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24).

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