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Do Anything Good

Connie and I have just returned from two weeks in San Francisco with our new grandson, Oslo, his sister Liv, and their mom and dad. Thank you for helping everything go smoothly at Journey while we were away. I am taking a break from speaking duties during August. Thanks again to Phil Richardson and Bryan Martinez who are sharing the current back-to-school series, Encounters With Jesus.

As I write a few words today, this is on my mind. Slow down a little, wherever you are; clarify things which really matter. Maybe a birth, a wedding, a funeral help us think deeper. One of my latest deeper thoughts inside my head just arrived from an unexpected phone call in the office. My life long friend, Edward Weckerly, called to say hello. Ed is eighty-nine years old, alert and sharp witted as ever. He is slowing a bit physically, now getting around on a walker and motorized scooter.

Let me tell you a bit about my friend. He is originally from Minnesota and still has that distinct accent. Ed is not famous nor wealthy. He lives in a small assisted living apartment in El Paso, Texas. He hasn’t written books or preached in large churches. His life story will not be on the nightly news where you live. Most of his adult life has been spent in obscurity out West on a mission field serving the Mexican people.

This is what amazes me about my friend: Ed has been/is faithful to the task and mission God commissioned him to decades ago; he never wavered in his commitment to serve the less fortunate people of the world at his own expense. Without a lot of resources or fanfare, Ed has served alongside other faithful servants in EL Paso with Spanish American Evangelistic Ministries.

I couldn’t begin to guess how many daily trips back and forth across the Mexican border in El Paso and Juarez that Ed has made through the years. He has logged more miles walking across the freedom bridge than anyone I know. You don’t have to be recognized by others to make an impact with your life; just help others. Do anything good with whatever you have. God will take care of the rest.

Join us this weekend as Phil will be speaking and sharing again from Jesus' life and encounters with people like us. Phil is sharing a Jesus encounter with a lady who had a big faith when others doubted. Got doubts? Check out Journey weekend Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @ 10:30am.

Connie and I look froward to greeting you this weekend at our Journey weekend worship gathering. We’ve got pictures galore from our trip and would love to share a few.

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