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Today is my birthday, if you didn’t know. My youth minister just came in the office with gift cards and well wishes. It is nice to be nice. Connie and I will go get some Mexican food tonight to celebrate. Life is better together, especially on your birthday. Thank you everyone who took a moment to wish me well. Each kind gesture made me smile. God is good.

As I drove to work this morning, I was reflecting on all the family and friends in my life who have shared birthday moments like today. As I said, life is always better together. What do people do when their birthday is not especially enjoyed and celebrated? Some people have never had a meal or party thrown in their honor. Many people are sad on their birthday.

Recently, I was talking with a friend who is having a particular difficult season of discontent in their life. As I listened, they explained how they questioned their value and purpose on earth. As the discussion continued for a few moments I felt as though my friend was lost, adrift at sea with no power to navigate to a shoreline of safety. I listened carefully and provided support which I believe gave a glimmer of new hope.

Have you experienced those times in your life when nothing seemed right? Maybe you were going to work each day as always, performing the necessary actions. Maybe you did the expected and prepared meals, did laundry, mowed grass, carpooled the kids to school, but nothing seemed important any longer. Do you know people who describe their life as empty, useless, and undirected?

If this all sounds like you or someone you know I urge you to talk with someone sooner than later, regarding your overall discontent with life. You may need a medical doctor to prescribe an anti-depressant temporarily until things level off. Consider a therapist or counselor who is professional and equipped to help. If you have attended Journey, have a church home, or never set foot inside a church before stop by the church office and seek pastoral support and prayers. I’m not kidding you, life is better together.

This weekend is the final episode of the current series, Encounters With Jesus. Phil Richardson and Bryan Martinez have been guests speakers for this back-to-school series from the Bible. I have enjoyed taking a break from public speaking and hearing their messages at Journey.

Join us this weekend and bring a guest. Bryan will wrap up the series with a lesson which answers a good question? Where did Jesus go? After His death, burial, and resurrection what happened next? This relevant Bible encounter with Jesus may be just what is needed to get your life focused and moving forward this fall.

Life is filled with birthdays and seasons of change. I hope your birthday always has fun, family, and friends to share. When this is not the case, whatever season you are in today, Jesus wants to help.

Jesus really is our best friend. He wants to be your friend. Do you know Jesus as a personal friend? You can...everyone can. Join us in one of our worship gathering times. Journey Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @ 10:30am.

Life is better together.

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