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Bobby's Thursday Blog

God's Not Done

Journey had an unexpected guest in the office this morning. They arrived wanting to be a more regular Journey volunteer. They attended our volunteer luncheon last weekend and felt God wanted them to step up. Our youth minister Bryan Martinez and I listened to their passion wanting to engage and serve God more frequently. We prayed about this commitment and desire and scheduled a test drive for this weekend. Go God.

Journey exists because of God and terrific volunteers. We could not do what we do each day at Journey Community Christian Church without willing volunteers. Our small staff and limited budget depends on the generosity of awesome volunteers who give time, talent, and treasure serving God and others.

Journey is unashamed to be different in a God kind of way. We are a high expectation Church asking Jesus followers for higher levels of service. Our mission at Journey for twelve years has been to create an irresistible passion for God and for people seeking Him. We want to be an attractional Church and a missional Church bringing people together for God’s purpose in our community. We would do almost anything to help another person get their Jesus story started or re-started. People Matter Most.

This weekend we launch a new series describing God’s Church found in the Bible. This series is titled, You Fit Here. Over the next four weekends we’ll consider the Church that launched after Jesus resurrection. Jesus offers everyone an invitation to belong. At Journey we are never content when we follow Jesus, until we connect more with God and with other people who don’t know God yet in a personal relationship.

Journey Volunteers rock as you provide expanding services and outreach events in our growing community. If you are new at Journey or been here a long time but never stepped up for more… You can sign up also. God’s not done in your life or the mission of Journey Community Christian Church. Text SERVE to 859.585.3430 and begin a test drive. Connecting and contributing is part of God’s plan for all of us at Journey. Go God!

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