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Wasted Time

I’m traveling today through an airport. I can see people quickly moving about in every direction, everyone in a hurry. Like myself, many are catching connecting flights to their next destination. Others are stopping to find shops, restaurants, and restrooms to refresh before moving on. One thing is for sure, no one wants to miss their flight or connection.

Just now, several people had to move because of a gate change. They had to grab their gear and trot away. Our time is a premium we treasure most in the modern world. If you miss a doctor’s appointment it could be weeks before another date is available. When you stand in line for tickets to a sporting event or concert the last thing you want to hear is, “Sorry, sold out.”

For most of us, wasting our time is the greatest sort of insult. Waiting and waiting for the light to change can seem like a huge waste. Still, what if we come upon an accident which just occurred minutes before. We might then think, “Wow, I could have been in that mess if I had been a couple minutes earlier to this intersection.”

Our time is valuable and how we use it each day is important. No one lives forever; we’re on a mission to accomplish as much as possible while able. However, even on our busiest days, slowing our pace just bit; maybe enough to care and be kind to all kinds of people is wise. As Journey says all the time, “People Matter Most.”

This weekend at Journey worship gathering the current series continues, You Fit Here. We believe that everyone can be a returning guest at Journey. Honestly, most people like this place and want to return. If you give us a chance to say hello and share our mission for people in this community, we really think you’ll want to come back and belong.

This weekend we’ll look again at the early Church found in the Bible and their Jesus strategy for helping people. The early disciples had a simple plan to help others get their Jesus story started. Many times it was as simple as walking across the room and saying, “Hello, nice to meet you, welcome today.”

If you missed last weekend’s lesson, Count Everything, it is available on our Journey website and Journey app. Give us some feedback if this is helpful when you travel out of town or are homebound for some reason. We are in this together. And hey, If you were able to sneak away Labor Day weekend with friends and family last week, we hope you had a blast.

Looking forward to seeing you soon again in the Journey audience with a guest. This weekend Bryan Martinez is sharing lesson two, Walk Everywhere. You might want to invite a friend to hear Bryan speak. He does a great job.

I promise, it is never a waste our time when we gather with others to worship and celebrate. Life is better together.

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