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Timing and Tone

While traveling back from a wedding recently, Connie and I both overheard a conversation that seemed a bit out of pace. At a Rest Area along an interstate, a traveler was sharing information regarding God to the custodian worker inside. What startled us both was how loud the person was speaking.

I am sure the intent was helpful but the words sounded more like a sermon rather than God’s epic story of Jesus's love. This made me think once more how often I should hold onto the sermon and just say, “Jesus loves you, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” I have spent a big portion of my adult life speaking about God. I am embarrassed to admit many times I may have sounded more like the very vocal Rest Area traveler than a Jesus representative on earth.

This weekend I will share part three from our current series, You Fit Here, as we learn once more from the early Church Jesus started. The mission is to help people find a place they might want to belong. One of the key factors this weekend is our tone and timing of the Jesus presentation we desire to share with others. I hope you can join in either in person or with our FB live stream Sunday service @ 10:30am. You can also catch our sermon via podcast at www.journeychurchsite.org.

Jesus used everything, big and small, as we learned in lesson one, Count Everything. Even two fish and five loaves of bread become more than enough to feed an army of people when placed in Jesus hands (Mt 14:13-21). Also, Jesus expects we make an extraordinary effort to cross barriers which divide people. Bryan Martinez shared this message last weekend, Walk Everywhere. If you missed his inspiring words of encouragement, it is still available on our Journey website and Journey app.

Sometimes a sermon is not needed as much as an arm around a shoulder. Knowing when and where to be strong, when to tone things down will require wisdom and guidance from God. This weekend we will discover how best to share God’s incredible love story with people everywhere, for all time. I hope you will be here and learn along with me how to make our message and ministry more relevant for others.

May I also be so brave as to invite you to consider making your own Jesus story public if you have never done this. I have a Journey friend who has given me permission to share their Jesus Journey this weekend. Maybe you are ready for a Jesus decision for baptism? If we may help you complete your faith decision let us schedule a time soon, even this weekend would be possible.

As we say often, “It’s ok to not be ok.” God really is for you and not against you. I am hoping this simple statement feels more like an arm around your shoulder today, rather than an untimely sermon.

God’s incredible love never lets go.

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