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Songs Stick

Last weekend at our FUN ON THE FARM annual picnic our resident DJ Fred Morris played a crowd favorite, “Baby Shark!” All the kids immediately began to wiggle and and do shark kind of things. Thanks to everyone who shared part of your afternoon with us. Thanks also to Shawn and Kim Hunt for hosting our gathering location again on their beautiful property.

Food, friendly conversation and some fun music in the background brings out the best in all of us. These moments where all of us can join in a celebration don’t happen as often as they once did in the past. Our schedules are pretty full seven days a week, with multiple events. If you were not able to join in the fun this year, I hope you’ll go ahead and block out a couple hours on your calendar next September for FUN ON THE FARM.

When Fred began the “Baby Shark” song, it was funny how many people responded. I had heard the song before but hadn’t thought about until the music started. It made be start remembering some fun childhood songs we used to hear when we had small children. One of those songs that popped in my head was “O Be Careful, Little Eyes.”

Here is a short line from that children’s Bible song. “O be careful little eyes what you see… There’s a Father up above…. And He’s looking down in love… So, be careful little eyes what you see.”

The rest of the song has the same lyrics but adding, O be careful…. little ears…. Little hands… little feet…. little mouth.” Funny how I have never forgotten those lines after all these years. I wonder if children today are still singing songs like this with their families? Besides the catchy little Disney tunes that get stuck in your head forever are there a couple Bible songs for kids that will stick just as strong?

This weekend at our Journey worship gathering we explore lesson #2 in the fall series, Love & Hate.” For seven weeks we’re digging out some ancient but helpful wisdom words found in the Bible. If you’ve ever wondered what relevant, practical ways Proverbs and Psalms in the Bible could be used in everyday life, this series will help.

Last weekend the topic was pride and arrogance which become a deal breaker in our relationship with God and people. That lesson is posted on our Journey App and Journey website if you would like to take a listen. This weekend we consider envy and jealousy as another of the “7 deadly sins,” so to speak, which ruin all human relationships.

How old were your kids when you first noticed they began to look, listen, touch, walk, and say things about other kids stuff which turned into thoughts of jealousy or envy. I know for our family it wasn’t long at all until our kids noticed something someone else in the nursery or pre-school had or enjoyed and they wanted badly.

I can’t exactly remember what happened next; I can imagine though, Connie and I tried to help guide them to a better view, God’s viewpoint. They may even today as adults, still remember learning that little Bible song mentioned above, “O Be Careful, Little Eyes.”

It’s really funny how a song can stick in our heads for years. Join us in our Journey weekend and bring a guest. Tell them we’re in this thing called life together. Tell them we might even share a song which could help us and our family be our best version each day. Tell them we promise not to sing the “Baby Shark” song.

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