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Not Fair

If you’re a parent or grandparent, surely you’ve heard these words spoken in your direction: “It’s not fair!” Unhappy words begin to spill from the mouths of babes quite early in life. As soon as they have a reasonable command of words and can form sentences, the complaints begin to fly in our direction. Like baseball players in the dugout shouting their complaints at the home plate umpire, we’re not happy with that call.

Not long after nursery school we begin recognizing other unattractive character traits in our little people around the family circle. My theological view is that all people arrive in this world as infants in innocence. However, our shining moment is short lived and things are quickly tarnished by our free will to choose right from wrong.

Human behavior is predictable; we’re not Jesus and nobody gets it right all the time. We discover subtle and bold ways to practice vices such as pride, envy, anger, gluttony, lust, laziness, and greed. The current fall series at Journey weekend worship is titled, Love less and Hate more. Clearly, God has character traits worth pursuing and others we should avoid

at all costs. We are taking a longer look at each of these topics in what is often referred to as the “7 Deadly Sins.”

This weekend at Journey we explore ANGER as one of the negative reactions when disappoint finds its way into our life. I am learning, maybe you are also, each of these nasty sort of unworthy vices have a way of growing larger in importance. They then capture us and lead us to the next level of really bad habits to avoid.

Yoda in Stars Wars got it right: “Envy leads to jealousy, jealousy leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side.” We’re in this together; we’re better together. Tell others Journey is the kind of place everyone can belong. We all have our dark side but Jesus is bigger than our problems. Tell others this is the kind of place we all work together on becoming a better version of ourselves.

Join us in either our Journey Saturday @ 6pm or Journey Sunday @ 10:30am worship gathering time. And don’t forget to make an INVITE. Bring a friend and seat buddy to check things out at Journey Community Christian Church.

Tell others, even when life is not fair, God is good.

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