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Harmful Messaging

The NBA, Lebron James, and China have been in the daily news cycle for about week now. It began when an NBA executive with the Houston Rockets tweeted support for freedom protesters in Hong Kong. The Chinese government reacted negatively to the social media message from the NBA executive.

The push back from China for the words tweeted from Houston was further complicated by a controversial public statement by Lebron James which seemed to criticize support for those in Hong King seeking assurances of more freedoms. Messaging of words today in public is often very volatile and divisive.

In our current fall series at Journey, we’re exploring the sort of things God hates and the those things He loves. This is a seven week series taking a look at what is commonly called the “7 Deadly Sins.” So far we’ve consider pride, envy, and last weekend anger was the subject. This weekend we take a look a topic the Bible identifies as GLUTTONY.

If you’ve ever wondered what gluttony was really about in the Bible, this relevant discussion might be very helpful. As we say often at Journey, nobody gets it right all the time; we’re not Jesus and everyone has struggles. I am confident you or someone you know has/did have episodes with habits which become addictive over time.

Whatever our battles in life, hope is not lost; we’re in this together. Jesus is for us and not against us. I hope you will consider joining in this conversation either in person or follow with us on our FB livestream Sunday morning at 11am. We have two services for you to check out as your schedule allows: Saturday @ 6pm and Sunday @ 10:30am. Both messages and music are identical with the only difference being the size of audience (Sunday is the larger).

Some of our scars in life are very visible. I can point out a few places on my hands and arms where I’ve gotten some cuts and scrapes that left permanent marks. Other scars we carry through life may be hidden inside; scrapes and injuries caused by people hurting or harming us with words and actions. Some wounds on the inside/outside are even self-inflicted from unhealthy/unsafe choices we’ve made in life.

Like I said earlier, we’re not Jesus; nobody gets it right all the time. Today in our world when people take offense at our public messaging, sides are quickly chosen. Often the disagreement escalates into deeper fractures between people, friends, family, and nations.

Everyone struggles with something; we all have nagging habits, which unchecked, may become sinful behavior. As I said, because of Jesus, hope for everyone is never lost on anyone. Join us at Journey and find a place everyone could feel welcome. Check us out and give God a chance to clear some things up when our messaging has become confusing or messy.

God hates arguments but He loves people. The Jesus way is the ONLY solution for whatever vices, habits, addictions, weaknesses, or human failure we might ever identify. We hope to see you AND BE OUR GUEST in one of weekend services or have you follow us online for this helpful relevant message.

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