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May I ask a favor? Would you stop whatever you are doing for a moment? Put down your phone and just think about this question I will share. Try to be honest and self-evaluate your particular skill sets and abilities. Everyone has something in life we are known for by most of our family, friends, and acquaintances who know us best.

So here is the question. If you could identify one thing right now you are good or even great at, what is your special expertise? Pause pause pause.

I can imagine you came up with something really useful and helpful. Have you talked to others about your sweet spot and the things you are really good at doing? If not, why not? My guess is most of us aren’t comfortable taking credit for the positive things in our life. Why is that? Maybe it feels a little like bragging or being arrogant. What if that is not the best way to look at positive things about ourselves?

I know people who are really great listeners and others who are terrific at giving advice. I’ve met people who can fix almost anything broken and others who are driven to save money for a rainy day. Maybe we should all decide to innovate and celebrate the good things in life more often. And at the same time focus less of our time on the less positive situations.

If this idea to feel better about your life seems worthy of further discussion, maybe you can join in this weekend at one of our two Journey worship gathering times. Tell your friends to check out a church where everyone can find support and belong. We realize people are really busy on weekends with full schedules. We have two identical services on different days and times wanting to better serve more people. You can join in either Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am.

This weekend at Journey we’re exploring a relevant Bible topic in our current series, Love & Hate. God loves people but He dislikes our behavior when it hurts our relationship with Him and each other. We’ve been exploring what is commonly described as the “7 Deadly Sins,” pride, envy, anger, and last weekend was gluttony. All these bad habits when abused become deal breakers with God and people.

This weekend we dive in and pursue what guidelines God gives to us regarding lust. Wow, you say, this could be a heavy topic to work through in a worship setting. We agree talking about sin and bad habits carries a cringe factor for all of us. The Good News is we’re in this together. Nobody gets it right all the time. God is for us and not against us. We are engaging God and His forever Word to help innovate and elevate our integrity in all these areas of our character development.

If this discussion interests you in becoming your best with God’s help, then join us in person or online with our Sunday FB livestream. You can also catch the audio podcast after the Sunday service on our Journey app or Journey website. Together, we’ll share solid steps from the Bible to direct us to a better YOU and ME.

What if instead of seeing the worst kind of faults in ourselves and others, we saw the potential of what might be? Do you see yourself as God sees you? That’s a really deeper look worth taking.

You are never a forever failure, but a true God possibility with a future.

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