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Finding Inspiration

Who inspires you? When you go to work every day, someone in the elevator, hallways, office space, job site that we share is probably a positive influence and great example for hard work. Have you ever told them you admire their effort? Maybe we should?

This weekend in our current fall series, Love & Hate, we’ll explore together what the Bible says about hard work. God loves people, always. He loves people so much He wants us to be our best version every day. Bad behavior, which can eventually, over time, turn into bad habits are the deal breakers in our forward progress. God loves hard work.

This weekend at Journey worship gathering we’ll dig a little deeper into Bible words of caution which warn us of casual, lack of purpose and direction in life each day. Hard work is a good thing and even a God thing. Being disengaged from work for long periods of time is not a wise use of our time and life. Laziness is not a good habit for anyone.

Let me share this as a disclaimer of sorts. An abundance of jobs are available almost everywhere today; unemployment is at an all time low. However, there are situations which prevent us from working regularly. Accidents, injuries, or unexpected factors interfere with the desire to work productively.

When things happen with our employment, discouragement often takes over. In those kind of moments we may need a little pep talk and an inspirational story of others who have struggled in similar ways. This weekend I will share a brief video story of Rob Mendez, head football coach in Prospect, California. Rob recently won an Espy award for his impact with coaching and football. What makes his story most inspirational Rob Mendez was born without arms and legs.

His ability to overcome physical limitations inspires both players and coaches everywhere. If you’re needing a little boost in your every day, join us this weekend and be ready to cheer for the underdog. If you have been busy and unable to join us for awhile this would be a great lesson to step back inside the Journey worship gathering. Invite and bring a friend and seat buddy along for the ride. Journey is a place everyone can feel welcome and belong. We really are better together.

If you can’t be with us in person, remember our website and Journey app has all our messages posted weekly. In addition, our Sunday FB livestream is functional again if you would like use this as your way to stay connected. Even if we don’t see you each week, we’re rooting for you everywhere you go.

Here’s wishing you a little inspiration in your life this week. You can do this…. With God anything is possible.

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