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“A man of some wealth overheard a lady remarking, ‘Oh, if I only had fifty dollars I would be perfectly content.’ He thought about that for a few moments. If the lady only had fifty dollars she would be content. He thought to himself, ‘Well, I can help her out.’ So he walked up to her and handed her a fifty dollar bill with his best wishes. She was very overt in her show of gratitude. She really appreciated his gift. As she walked away he heard her mumble under her breath, ‘Why on earth didn’t I say one hundred dollars?’ “

Human nature: we’re never content very long. Don’t be greedy. We’ve all told ourselves, “I could feel secure and happy with just a little more.” This weekend we wrap up the current fall/winter series, Love & Hate . We have discovered God loves people, all people; He hates our behavior and bad habits, which become sinful.

This series has covered what is sometimes described as the “7 deadly sins,” of the Bible. These are seven behaviors which become a deal breaker with our God relationship. These vices are found in various passages of the Bible as warnings for every Jesus follower. Here is the list: Pride, envy, anger, gluttony, lust, laziness, and greed.

If you have missed any of these messages you will find them on our Journey website or Journey app. www.journeychurchsite.org if you do not have our Journey app go to the App Store. Journey Church Cynthiana app is a free mobile device app for your convenience.

Desiring more and more money is another trap and trick the enemy uses. Money is not bad and everybody needs some. But there will never be enough money to satisfy our real longings in life; only Jesus fills our life forever. If you do not have a Jesus relationship that is active let us help you restart some things. God Is for you, not against you. We are in this together. If you’ve never gotten the story clear how to start a Jesus relationship we can discuss that also.

Give me a call (859.588.6642), email (bobbyduncan123@gmail.com), or a text and lets talk over some coffee or hot tea, my treat. Would love to spend some time with you. Let’s schedule something soon.

Jesus helps us overcome our greedy nature. Whatever battle or struggle in life we might have God is bigger than our problem. Join us this weekend in one of our two services and bring a seat buddy to share also. Journey worship gathering Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am.

I will look for you at the Journey front door. Let’s do this together.

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