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Help Each Other

Today, while coming through our small town I saw a gentleman who is a regular walker to his daily food service job. My inside car thermometer read 11 degrees outside. I honked and pulled over as he opened my car door to get inside. He smiled immediately; It was much warmer inside my car. My twelve year old car with almost 240,000 miles didn’t seem like such an old clunker knowing some people don’t have any car.

As he sat down I was thinking, “Thank You Lord, for helping me, help a friend in the cold. And oh, yeah Lord, thank You for giving me a bit of perspective once again!”

We chatted briefly as I dropped him off at his workplace. It felt really satisfying to see such a small gesture made him smile. You have probably had days when everything seemed to be going wrong. Suddenly, unexpected, out of the blue someone, known or unknown, entered your day to lend a hand.

God does this sort of thing all the time. Sometimes we identify it quickly when it occurs; other times we missed it as a God moment until later. In either case, we’re all better together. God uses all of us to help each other as He helps us. Bring a little comfort into someone’s life today however you can. It’s nice to be nice.

If you are local, reading this today, wanting to do something nice, you can be a Journey volunteer for a couple hours this Saturday. From Noon until 2pm, Saturday November 16 we will give away soup, sandwiches and goody bags with warm weather items. Call the church office 859.235.8449 for details.

Also, this weekend at Journey worship gathering we begin a short two-week series, Legit: be real, taking us into Thanksgiving week. Everyone might say they love God and love people but the real truth is the pudding; do we show it and demonstrate it?

Join us either Saturday or Sunday and bring a Journey guest. We are in this together by being together. We can find inspiration from one another to be real, genuine and authentic in our every day wold today.

You always help me smile when you walk through the doors at Journey. If you’ve been stuck in the winter blues this week, come inside Journey weekend worship gathering. Let us help you bring back a smile and some laughter. We’re in this together.

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