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Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

This blog has been pre-scheduled to post on Thursday, Thanksgiving day. The Journey office is closed Thursday and Friday. Most of us will be gathered around tables with friends and family. If you are scheduled to work, I hope you get an alternate time for your Thanksgiving meal.

This past weekend during Journey worship I gathered up several responses written down for this question: “What is one of your favorite memories of Thanksgiving?” I thought I might include a few in this blogspot for anyone who may have missed our weekend services. These statements remind us why families and relationships are so worth it.

“We didn’t have much at our Thanksgiving table but I’m so thankful for the best mother who was always ready to share.”

“Watching my grandma and mom stuffing the turkey and we were together. We ate, laughed and it was good.”

“My favorite memory has become a tradition in my family. Grandma used to always make apple pie. We would always go back for as many pieces as our stomachs could hold.”

“Our family all together. Helping my mom with dishing up the food; then cleaning up all the dishes.”

We are all different but also the same. Even though we have quite different, diverse family histories and traditions during the holidays, we share similar values in life. If you are reading this today, let me remind you what is shared at Journey quite often: People Matter Most.

Connie and I are joining part of our adult children and grandchildren in Lexington for great food and friendly conversation. We are wishing for everyone a time to pause and reflect.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1 NLT

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