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Sticky People

The holidays often bring unexpected challenges each year. People are desiring to be cheery and festive. But harsh weather, sudden illness, and worse frequently appear out of nowhere. During these moments people need to help each other overcome whatever has interrupted their plans.

Some moments in life are almost unbearable. This is when our faith in God and each other shine through. Thanksgiving week has been particularly hard for the Duncan family. My sister buried her son, my nephew, only twenty eight years old. None of us imagined this was possible a few days ago. What does one do at times like this? We stick together.

I am proud of my family and community of friends who have given their support and prayers through our ordeal. Just as am writing these words other families nearby are planning for their own funeral of loved ones. Say a prayer, share a kind word, bring by some food to nourish grieving hearts. Do whatever you can; we are better together.

Some very wise words, not sure the author, I shared yesterday, “Birds of feather, flock together.” When the night gets darkest, God’s light always shows up and clears a path. Often people are the hands and feet of our good good Father. I am amazed at all the kindness that has been shown by everyone. As Mr. (Fred) Roger’s famously shared: “The 3 secrets to happiness are 1 - be kind 2- be kind 3- be kind.”

This weekend at Journey, we wrap up part two of the short series, NEVER QUIT. I have planned another short talk which highlights the value of sticky people, who don’t ever QUIT.

All of us are wise not to put things off too long. Whatever is on your bucket list, honey dew list, or to-do list, begin now, rather than later, working on things. Push back regrets later by making each day a special gift of God to enjoy.

If we have missed you for awhile at Journey worship gathering, let this be a reminder you are always missed, never forgotten. Maybe this holiday season would be fantastic time to reboot and reschedule some down time together with others in worship and celebration. Hope you can join us in one of our two services this weekend or follow us online with our FB livestream. Honest to goodness, we are all better together.

“A real friend sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24b NLT. I am grateful for STICKY friendships, aren’t you? A bonus to believe, God sticks even closer than a loyal friend. When life seems unfair, God is always good; He is nearby, He is STICKY whatever appears in life and death. Romans 8:28.

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