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Not Alone

Can you imagine an organization where nobody is lonely, nobody is on the sidelines, nobody feels like an outsider, and everybody gets connected? That is what Jesus really has in mind for His Church today, especially at Christmas. This weekend church buildings of every kind, in all sorts of locations, will fill with people of all ages anticipating the joy, excitement and celebration of Jesus’ birth once more.

We are all better together. Invite a friend to be your guest at a service wherever you choose to attend. Help someone remember and refresh the never-old story of baby Jesus, born in Bethlehem. Share your best ever friendly smile; welcome them inside to hear an encouraging word about Christmas past and present.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to invite others, helping them get connected with new friends. You can never say it enough; we are all better together. This weekend at Journey you have two chances to join us. Worship times are Saturday @ 6pm and Sunday @ 10:30am. If neither of those times can work in your busy holiday schedule, you can also follow along with us at our Sunday FB livestream.

As Connie entered our house last night from shopping the rustle of plastic bags reminded me of Christmas past when I was a child. The closer we got to Christmas Day my excitement was almost more than a person could bear. Each time the car door would close outside, I strained harder and harder to listen; might this be the crackling of paper and presents to go under our Christmas tree?

This Christmas I wish for you a bit of the fun, laughter, and excitement once enjoyed when you were younger. If you join us at Journey we promise to welcome you, sharing a relevant, helpful Christmas time story from the Bible for your every day life today.

If you would like to read a bit of our storyline for Journey Christmas, go to Luke chapter two. It is the classic reading of the shepherds and angels and everything. This short version of Jesus birth may stir inside of you all kinds of good feelings once more. We hope we can be a friend and help you reclaim the JOY of Christmas this year.

We are better together.

Merry Christmas.

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