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Out of Breath

If you are like me, December 26th, surely you feel as though we’ve just survived a big wave in the ocean of busy life that is called Christmas Day. Now it becomes a mad rush to return the clothes which didn’t fit and find restaurant cards we sat down somewhere with the wrapping paper. If you, or someone you know was ill during Christmas, I am praying again, right now, for your health condition to improve.

To be honest, I am not a great swimmer. I can dog paddle all day but my strokes in the water are not exactly a thing of beauty. Right now, as I jot down these few words to share, I can imagine another wave of life about to sweep over us all. With only a few days left on the calendar in 2019, we will prepare for Happy New Year 2020 celebrations with friends. At times It feels we hardly have a chance to catch our breath before the next wave of life is upon us.

This weekend at Journey worship we will wrap up our Christmas 2019 series, Reclaiming Joy. If you have missed parts of this or even all of it, check out the audio podcast on our Journey website: You can also still watch the FB stream on the Journey Church FB page.

Our last message this year and decade at Journey will answer a big question? What does Christmas mean? After the tree has been emptied and the parties have ended what is next? This final lesson may be just the kind of boost you need to begin the New Year. Bring a guest and show them around. We are better together.

Oh, one final thought. While pulling trash cans to the curb this morning, I deeply sensed how fast the excitement was now over until next year. Somewhere buried in leftover gift boxes, crushed ribbons and torn wrapping paper, was hours and hours, months and months of anticipation of great and wonderful joy to be shared.

Does it really have to end? What if there is more? Christmas, from my viewpoint is a God-thing which gives each day of life purpose. When we feel as though we’re just swimming in an ocean of hurries and busyness, God is there, keeping us afloat.

If you’ve ever struggled in the water of life, or had a hard time catching your breath, (and who hasn’t) slide inside at Journey Church this weekend, follow us online; let God coach and guide us into a smoother rhythm and stroke in the water ahead. That’s all I got folks. I hope you will pray about what’s next.

We are better together.

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