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Let it Begin

As 2019 calendars come down from the walls and smart phone devices of people around the world scroll ahead, new hope with a fresh start is reborn. All of us will be thinking of those New Year Resolutions which may improve important areas of life in 2020.

Many of us swear off those bad habits and bad foods, certain we may do better this year. Some even swear off swearing. Everyone means well, but we soon discover a dreaded cycle often repeated; failure followed by a new year resolution, followed by failure and then another resolution the next year. We begin to feel frustrated and disappointed in ourselves.

Eventually we realize that all people are a piece of work. All of us struggle with things at times. Nobody gets it right all the time; we’re not Jesus. When our new year goals are unmet year after year, a nagging question lurks inside our heads: am I just hopeless? The short answer, no.

I remind you that Jesus confirms our progress is never measured by our own standards. No one is hopeless and it is never too late, not when Jesus in our story, still writing fresh pages and chapters in our life. How then can we live with ourselves after repeated mistakes? That’s a great question. May I suggest it has nothing to do with your performance and everything to do with perspective.

Our fresh start at the beginning of each year is more like years and years of training for the Olympics, where we hope to compete after much training. Most of the people I speak with imagine the Christian life, more like, buying the right clothes, then posing for our perfect pictures in a storefront window display. This is not outward stuff you can see, this is stuff God is doing on the inside, over and over and over, each day; chipping away at the crusty parts of our old life, until we begin to look like a window display.

This weekend I begin a series for the new year 2020, Little Big Words. My goal in this New Year’s launch is to help you rethink and reorganize what success really looks like from Jesus viewpoint. When we fail, Jesus says, it is never forever, it is not like permanent ink stains on our clothing.

No one is impossible. God is bigger. (Philippians 1:6). Join us this weekend in either our Sat@6pm or Sunday@10:30am. Hey, just relax a little, it’s ok to not be ok. We are in this together. Got questions? So do a lot of people, I know.

2020, let the games begin!

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