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Share the Good

We are constantly confronted with negative or confrontational information regarding almost everything. It’s bad enough when we read our favorite breakfast food causes cancer in laboratory mice but that’s just the beginning. Nothing seems sacred when it comes to divisiveness.

Traditional families, Bible study and prayer in school, all are disparaged at times. Even patriotism and saluting the flag today can be sources of divisive conversations online. We seem to choose sides, often and quick, on most every subject of discussion. There is little room left for negotiation or the middle ground. Pick a side.

From my limited data base it seems our current culture is most heavily divisive regarding sports, politics and religion on a regular basis. In these three areas alone there are plenty of factors for tension in our modern world. Today, I just want to suggest a truce of sorts. What if the next time things begin to go sideways on social media, we take a time-out. You know, like any sporting event where victory seems to be slipping away; coach blows the whistle, calls a time-out, players go to the bench for a few words to regain some composure.

I realize everyone has strong opinions and feelings to express but wouldn’t it be nicer to just be nicer; you know, for a change of pace? Maybe I am being too naive but an alternative to more finger pointing might be a pause to reflect on more positive thoughts we can agree upon. Who doesn’t enjoy a warm hearted story of an animal rescue in Australia or Habitat Home for a single parent in the city?

If you have discovered a positive story which made you feel good, share it with others online. Chances are it will help someone else feel a little better also. Before you know it the trending news for the day might be a really feel good kind of thing everyone could enjoy. If we don’t like the negative things online we have to offer something better with a positive vibe.

This weekend in our current series, LITTLE BIG WORDS, we share the “magic bullet” for every successful human relationship for all time. Join us and bring a friend (or enemy) to our Journey Sat@6 and Sun@10:30 service. I promise you and they just need to come and check this out.

We are better together. 2020 let’s grow!

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