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Deep Discounts

I admit, I’m not much of a shopper. I am more of a buyer. I don’t enjoy the process of store after store, day after day. I want to know what I need and what it costs. Then I want to go make my purchase and get out of there. If I do buy something it has to be a real bargain.

This weekend at Journey we are wrapping up our 2020 New Year series, called LITTLE BIG WORDS. We have considered the following LITTLE BIG WORDS in the Bible: BUT, THEREFORE, SO, and UNLESS.

We’ll explore the final LBW from the Bible: NOW. If you would like to take peek ahead, read the passage in 2 Corinthians 6:1-2. Spoiler alert, like deep discounts on all computer products at the Apple Store, this weekend we learn: NOW… is the time of God’s favor!

Hey, this really is the best 2020 news anyone could discover; even better than bargain shopping at your favorite online store. Schedule a part of your weekend to join us at Journey. Invite a friend to be your seat buddy. Go pick them up if you have to. Just get them here. I promise you and they will be glad. This has been a great series for all of us at the start of the New Year.

Remember, we have two available worship times. Journey Sat@6pm and Journey Sun@10:30am. Also, don’t forget you can follow us online Sunday through our FB livestream. If you miss all these opportunities you can hear the Sunday audio podcast on the Journey App and the Journey website - www.journeychurchsite.org

Make this weekend worship gathering both, urgent and important. If the door was closing at the dealership and our new car was inside, we would get there no matter what. God wants us to passionately enjoy everything that is good; also to engage this passion with Him.

Ask God for His wisdom to find some space for the One who makes everything in our life possible. You and I are in debt with sins, way over our heads. We owe God a debt we could never repay. Jesus stepped up to the cashier and paid our bill in full. That’s a pretty deep discount to enjoy.

You and I are possible because of God’s never ending love for people like us. Now, that’s a real bargain!

Let’s grow our commitment and engagement at Journey in 2020. NOW, not later… let’s go ALL in…

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