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How long did it take you to catch on? When were you able to tie your shoes without help? I honestly can’t remember; it was a long time ago. I do remember helping our kids make big floppy rabbit ear loops with their shoe strings. Then we poked the string through the hole, pulling it tight. We all need a little help.

I am happy to say our adult children were fast learners with shoe strings, riding bikes and most everything that took practice to master. They were quick to learn and eager to try new things all the time. My adult children and grandchildren are overachievers in many areas of personal development. Connie and I are proud of each of them at every new stage of life.

Looking back at my own personal development as a kid and adolescent, I’m not so sure I was always a quick learner. I could drive anything that had wheels and an engine when I was still very young. On the farm you learn about tractors and engines. But I was not as quick to master certain finesse and agility skills with ease. In school band I was great at banging a drum; not so good at finding notes on the piano. We all have things we’re pretty good at doing and those things we’re challenged to perform.

I still remember having to tie my necktie around the bed post as a new youth minister at my first full-time church position. I was expected to wear a jacket and tie each Sunday; dress codes were quite formal back then. For the life of me, I never got the knot straight or the length adjusted with the tie wrapped around my neck. I had to see what I was doing.

Now, as the old guy in the church office, wouldn’t you know it, I tie my tie like a pro but hardly anybody wears a neck tie anymore.

This weekend, Bryan Martinez, youth minister at our Journey family is sharing part one of a two part series on the importance of small groups. (Bryan will not be required to wear a tie; neither will I ). Bryan is a really good communicator and I hope you are able to be here and support him and Journey worship the next couple of weekends.

Journey, now 12.5 years old is still learning, step by step; asking each year: HOW we can make a larger impact in our community. We regularly pray for God’s wisdom and often network with others, asking for their tips and insights. We are not ashamed to say: show me.

In full disclosure, Journey Church isn’t an easy mission. Doing effective ministry at Journey often feels like learning to tie our shoes or a neck tie for the first time. How do any of us grow and development a larger base of influence with people all around us? How might we care more deeply for the things God cares about? We believe there is a divine partnership with God and His great adventure called Journey which is more than enough.

If any of this refreshed 2020 vision at Journey interests you, if you’re someone who enjoys being on a team, building things which matter forever, join with us the next few weekends inside Journey worship gatherings. I asked Bryan to speak on the subject of small groups. We believe people grow most dramatically in small group discussions with a few other friends.

There is more power when we are together You can join us either online Sunday with our FB stream or in one of our two weekend services, Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Give us your feedback if you’ve found encouragement or have ideas how to enlarge our influence. Let us know how to pray specifically for your biggest life challenges.

Journey is praying for innovative ways to staying connected and engaged with people like you. If you want to help us grow, but not sure how? Just say, “show me.”

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