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Just Right

This weekend at Journey we’ll wrap up a two week series on the value of small groups. Bryan Martinez is planning to share another message outline. I hope you can join us and give your feedback. We’ll share a bit more of the vision for growing more 2020 small groups. Bryan and Bridget will soon be relaunching their small group which meets in their home. If you would like more information or details check with Bryan.

We say this all the time at Journey, “We’re better together.” This statement is true in almost every situation of life. I imagine everyone reading this today would agree. I just heard of a family with small children having car trouble along the side of the highway. The Good Samaritan who offered assistance was very much appreciated. Finding a little help along the highway is a God- send if you’re having trouble.

While we may all agree, “togetherness” is much better than “loneliness,” how much together time is important can be debated. When the kids are trapped at home for days because of bad weather and school dismissal, we soon suffer from “cabin fever.” Vacations are wonderful, filled with excitement, until our flight gets cancelled; leaving us stranded together with hundreds of other travelers.

Knowing how much togetherness is like everyone searching for the the right bowl of porridge, right chair, and right bed in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” We can move through the rooms of busy life searching for what feels, “just right.” What party should I make this week? What after school event, what church event has to go, because we’re double booked. If you are like me, finding the balance to get everything scheduled is complicated.

If you and your nuclear family, mom, dad and kids, feel a bit flustered by busy times. If you’re still searching for that “just right” amount of togetherness with your Journey family, don’t despair; we’re in this together. We really do get it, and understand. We all face the dilemma of many good things available which often crowd out better things.

Join us this weekend as Bryan shares tips and guidelines from the Bible. A time when the early church were doing a lot fo their life together. If you want to read ahead check out Acts 2:42-47. It seemed to work for them pretty well.

Maybe all of us together, can glean a few principles about healthy small groups and relation- ships which still work today?

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