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Groundhog Day

Our small community in Kentucky is NOW infamous for being the first county in Kentucky with a case of COVID19. Many other states are just now feeling the impact of quarantine, self-isolation, school closures, nursing home lock-down, and shuttering large groups in business, civic, and social gatherings.

Kentucky, now on our second week of CDC guidelines to wash your hands, social distance, and maintain smaller crowds, is beginning to feel like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ starring Bill Murray. Murray found himself awakening each morning, unable to break the cycle, repeating the previous day before. Yikes, this almost feels that way; when will this COVID19 ever run its course and life can return to normal again?

Everything continues very fluid and changes from hour to hour in the daily media reports. Last weekend the Ky Governor’s guideline was crowds no larger than 50 gathering. Last weekend at Journey in person worship, including our staff and worship team, we had 18 people in our Saturday@6pm service and 26 people in our Sunday@10:30am time. 200 plus viewed us, or some part of our service, on our Facebook livestream of the Sunday message. Most Journey people stayed home and worshipped online with us or others.

This weekend we are planning again to have regular church times for an in-person gathering in a very small crowd. We are aware President Trump suggested groups no larger than 10 should gather for 15 days. Excluding our music, tech team and speaker, we do not expect to exceed an in-person audience greater than last weekend. We likely will comply (or nearly) with 10-20 total in any of our in-person services until this caution of social distancing subsides.

Once again, we imagine the majority of our Journey family and guests will follow online with our Facebook livestream Sunday, 11am. For those who desire to experience hope and encouragement with in-person worship which includes music, prayer, and communion, this effort seems vital to continue by providing in-person worship for our Journey family.

We, like everyone else, have taken extra measures to clean and sanitize surfaces of tables, doorknobs, chairs, and anything people might touch. We easily practice social distance once inside the building with just a handful of people inside. This weekend, wash your hands, keep a safe distance, and stay home if you feel sick.

This weekend in part two, I QUIT, we will explore how to QUIT COMPLAINING in order to take our next step toward a better life. May I be perfectly honest? With all these adjustments and challenges, complaining right now is a problem I am working on. You may be also? I think sharing a few words from God on the subject may settle my nerves.

We hope your family is well and you are able to stay connected with us (in small crowds) or from a distance online for now.

We are better together.

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