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Closed for the Season

When I was a kid we had a local Drive-In movie nearby and I was always sad when it closed down during the winter season. Spring and summer weather brought people outside and together again after shuttered inside for several months.

The Drive-In was a social event for the whole family. Cars came early to buy popcorn and drinks at the concession stand. Small children played on the swing set that was nearby the candy and popcorn. Teenagers had a date night, looking forward to a kiss when the sun set, darkness arrived, and the movie began.

Life around the Drive-In was a real treat enjoyed by the whole community. Before ticket prices skyrocketed at in-door theaters and hot dogs cost $5 in the lobby the Drive-In with the big screen and double-feature ruled the day. People of all ages looked forward to it opening every year.

This COVID19 shutdown feels like winter to me. But in my heart of hearts, I know better days are ahead. We’ve grown so accustomed to immediate gratification it is pretty hard to relearn patience for any reason; even a global pandemic. If nothing else good comes from this life altering event, all of us will learn to appreciate more of everything we enjoy.

Churches everywhere have posted this update: TEMPORARILY CLOSED INSIDE. This weekend, once again, Journey Community Christian Church will be on-line only. We are all learning to adjust being stuck at home for most everything. Just like a snow day when the roads were impassible, we adjusted. We found ways to survive and entertain one another building a snow fort or doing a crossword puzzle in front of the fire until better days returned.

God is with us and we are going to see better days ahead. Our virtual winter days with “temporarily closed inside” posted everywhere will lose this fight. God is bigger than the virus. He wins every battle and every spring new life comes out once more everywhere in our world. God is seldom early, but He is never late. He will prepare people everywhere to reopen the world once again, like spring after a bitter winter.

Until then, join us this weekend online, Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am, part three of our current series, I QUIT. This time we explore I QUIT, LIVING IN IN FEAR. Join us and find some encouragement; invite others to check us out also.

If you have an internet connection just imagine a double feature at the Drive-In. Join us for online worship either Saturday@6/Sunday@10:30.

We will be together online….

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