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Easter 2020

According to Barna Group research, “93% of all churches in America are now doing digital online worship services.” This will be a different kind of Easter this year. With COVID19 shut down guidelines still in place, even the Easter egg hunt has become a virtual online event. Social distancing guidelines continue to discourage groups more than ten people. Our State Governor has prohibited Churches from in person Easter gathering services.

Easter is different this year. As I type these words Journey is praying, planning, and preparing for a Saturday Drive-in Easter service. Our original plan was for Easter Sunday hosting a Drive in service. People staying in their cars, six feet apart, our music team and message outside under the front porch, six feet apart on the sidewalk at Journey. Plans can change as everyone is discovering.

Local weather has now forecast 90% chance of rain Sunday. We want to make an official announcement. For weather reasons we have shifted to a Saturday Drive-in Easter service, 6pm instead. Journey, like every Church in America is learning how to be nimble, making quick adjustments. Many times innovation and creativity kick in for something better.

After almost five weeks of non-gathering groups inside churches in Kentucky we are learning how to do this together. This weekend we launch a new series at Journey, BIBLE HEROES. We kick the new five week series off with the story of Easter and Jesus our Savior. Jesus is the gold standard for all Heroes. Digital gathering Easter is trending in the world everywhere.

How can YOU help?

We are better together. Come to our Drive in Easter service Saturday@6pm service (stay in your car). INVITE someone to be our guest at this different kind of Easter. Those who can’t join us in their cars can still follow us online with Journey FB streaming of the Sunday Easter message. If you miss both of these opportunities the Easter message is recorded and can be replayed again, anytime, on our Journey website and app. We all need options.

Jesus Church is unstoppable. The grave couldn’t hold him and a virus can’t stop His message from being shared. People are being nicer and kinder everywhere. Acts of kindness and generosity are trending once again; It’s not an accident. God is changing our world for the better. Love God and love people; it’s working.

I have a feeling there is going to be a record number of people in America hopping online with Churches for digital Easter 2020. Join us at Journey online Sunday@10:30am or be in the parking lot Drive in service Saturday @6pm.

Yep, Easter 2020 is certainly going to be different. But Jesus is the same. God is going to shine even more. We are better together.

Jesus… our Hero.

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