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The longer COVID19 shut downs continue the more stories are being circulated of personal sacrifice. Every level of medical service has been highlighted during the last several weeks of mitigation efforts and social distancing. Included in this list are the supporting staff and teams of workers and volunteers which provide supplies and resources by the millions to help provide constant medical care to those who are sick.

In addition to essential workers in public health areas are food service providers who work endlessly to make available our unending food chain; from farm, to store shelves and to our tables at home. These two areas are maybe the most visible heroes during this global pandemic. They deserve every bit of attention and support which is being highlighted in small towns, neighborhoods, and metropolitan cities around the world.

In addition to these stars in the COVID19 universe helping us survive each day are a multitude of supporting cast members who also provide essential services. Many of them may never be trending on Breaking News. My old car had some issues and the local mechanic took care of me. He is HEROIC. I asked how things were going? He responded, “Barely able to keep the doors open; only had two customers yesterday.”

With no money or less money for car repairs, many people have to decide if this oil change or fender bender is necessary right now. Fewer customers mean less income even for the few businesses which are still open or doing drive through. The economic squeeze and shrinking resources is now being felt by more people each day. Even health care workers have less hours in hospitals; some are furloughed because elective surgeries and non-emergency procedures have been delayed.

This weekend in part two of our current series, BIBLE HEROES, we’re exploring what happens when unknown, undiscovered people are called into service for helping others, with everything hanging in the balance. Maybe you are feeling that way right now with so many unknown factors in the world. This lesson may help you focus and be HEROIC.

If you are like the “1 in 10 Americans in shut down,” waiting for a green light to return to work, it is probably taking all the courage you can muster to not panic? I want to say, way to go, you are also HEROIC. If you are stocking shelves at Walmart or Kroger you are HEROIC. Every day your shift comes to an end with shelves never filled; more people lining up outside, you are HEROIC when you return each day. If you are at home with children, trying to hold things together, staying positive, way to go, you are HEROIC.

Hey, if you are feeling a little winded by now, (aren’t we all), needing a little emotional support, I invite you to join us this weekend at Journey FB online Sat@6PM/SUN@10:30AM. We share the story of Esther, a lady who saved an entire nation of people from death, because she was willing to risk her own life for the good of others. She was HEROIC.

You are HEROIC whatever you do in helping others, big and small. This story of Esther in the Bible will motivate us to never give up. Whatever we have to offer, God will use for the good of many. We are better together. HEROIC people can change the world for better. Will you do it? Are you doing it? Are you ready for a challenge?

Here’s a little spoiler alert: We answer 3 key questions that are relevant today. 1- What is your new mission during COVID19 2- Who is your coach/mentor 3- What are you prepared to do?

Join us online and start a WATCH PARTY with friends. HEROISM is contagious.

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