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I see a lot of teams forming, which before the coronavirus pandemic began would never have happened. After weeks of “flattening the curve” globally the signs indicate the virus is peaking in most instances. Finally the conversations are beginning to shift from infection rates to stages and strategies for reopening America and the world.

We are experiencing nations of the world, state governments, and local citizens forming cooperative efforts to battle and defeat a mutual enemy, COVID19. As this global pandemic caused sickness and death in the world people met the challenge. By working together this coronavirus crisis became an opportunity for our world to become stronger. WE are better together.

The COVID19 challenge is not over; we’re now developing an economic plan for the world to reopen for business. With this two pronged attack of restoring our health and the economy simultaneously our confidence and hope gets brighter. As Journey has been saying for a very long time, “We are better together.” We are going to get through this; God says so.

This is not a new slogan made for TV and the coronavirus. This is a biblical principle that God instituted in creation. Adam and Eve, the first family in creation discovered, during good times and bad, we need one another. We are created to live in community and develop partnerships as God Himself is a community. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:26). No wonder we feel like something is missing in the world during stay at home guidelines are needed.

Partnerships and community are God’s plan for all His creation. The harmony of our existence is found in these Divine partnerships which have existed from the beginning. (Genesis 1:1-3). “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1). The entire world is created for harmony via complex and simple systems working together; building community and partnerships.

This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana FB live stream, we’ll explore the way God’s people get through things by working together. Once during a global famine, God used Jospeh to feed the world for seven years (Genesis 42:5-6). Joseph’s brothers had let jealousy get the best of them. They betrayed Joseph into slavery which lasted for years in Egypt. A lesser man would have given in and sought revenge. Instead, God used this tragic event to create a new partnership with Jospeh and his family. This partnership resulted in bringing healing to millions of hungry, starving people. (Genesis 50:20).

As Max Lucado says in his book, “We are going to get through this.” This weekend we’ll use the story of Joseph to answer two questions. How do you keep trusting God when it seems you can’t get a break? How do you forgive even when betrayed by family?

INVITE a Journey guest to hop online with us Journey sat@6pm.Sun@@10:30am. WE are better together!

We’re going to get through this by sticking together. What if God is up to something again in the world, like Bible times past, which brings multitudes of people back to Him. Imagine God preparing for new partnerships in community and revival throughout the world? Wow God!

See you online in one of our two services. INVITE a Journey guest to be in your watch party.

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