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This morning in the office Bryan Martinez, our Youth Minister, and I have been discussing ideas related to the Journey Church reopen. We’ve spent the first hour in the office dreaming once again; imagining new opportunities God may be providing for the whole world as things come alive after COVID19.

May is going to be the month for most everyone to witness new opportunities and renewed activity together. Our Kentucky Governor announced yesterday that May 24 churches will be permitted to reopen with new guidelines. As I am writing today those guidelines have not been announced. In Kentucky and in our city/county we have been closed longer than any other Kentucky community. We had the first reported case of COVID19 March 6th.

After eight weeks of almost everything shuttering around us the world is ready for Phase One of life after COVID19. This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we continue our online FB live stream worship Journey Sat@6pm and Journey Sun@10:30am. We have been thrilled with the nearly 500 views most weekends.

Regular Journey family and new INVITED guests continue to hop online. Bryan and I believe this high interest in all churches mission and message will grow in the weeks ahead. I am dreaming about a reopening that is an “event” the world over, where God is praised, worshipped and honor for getting us all through this together. We are better together.

A couple weeks ago (6 weeks into the stay-at-home guidelines) I began to notice in people and myself the sluggish onset of real fatigue in being in isolation so long. More and more families were describing children with occasional fears and unsettled nighttime routines. My observations are not clinical, just pastoral, but parents also began exhibiting signals and signs of physical and emotional weariness of the whole thing.

This weekend I will share an outline from the Bible intended to strengthen and encourage. This series, BIBLE HEROES began Easter weekend (April 12) with Jesus conquering death and the grave. How does any hero follow that? (1 Corinthians 15:54-57).

Since Easter we have peeked in the Bible at the heroic story of Esther. A peasant girl who became Queen and saved a nation. Jospeh was next and his heroism was feeding a nation during a famine; in spite of never getting a break. After spending 22 years in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, never losing hope, knowing God has a plan, Joseph saved his family and the world.

Join us this weekend as Nehemiah demonstrates an extraordinary heart for God’s mission on earth to rebuild (very timely right now). He is determined to rebuild a wall and a city for God’s purposes. In spite of hardship and criticism, Nehemiah becomes the project leader who gets this done in record time.

You may be wondering right now if our life will ever get back to normal? Like me, you may be feeling the heavy weight of isolation from family and friends. I miss my YMCA regular exercise and my coffee and table talk discussions with small group friends. If you are ready for a little boost of energy for whatever is ahead in May, join us, in either of our two services, FB live stream.

INVITE a friend or acquaintance who may also feel a bit tuckered out by now. Tell someone to hop online for view; just say, we are better together.

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