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Driving around I have noticed those signs at medical locations which say, “Heroes work here.” It surely is nice to be recognized for the sacrifice which is being made in the world during the COVID19 virus. Hats off to everyone who is playing a part, visible or not, in making our world a better place each day.

This sets up my thoughts for the final episode of Bible Heroes, this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church. Whatever you were doing as your “normal” life before the pandemic spread around the world, your life after the virus is even more essential.

If you are like me, you are now ready and better prepared to return to a “new normal” life which includes more time for God and for people. I am certain we have all grown a deeper love, respect, and appreciation for the things which truly matter most.

At Journey we like to say, “People Matter Most.” By the time of our reopening with audience size limitations, Memorial Day weekend, May 23/24, twelve weeks will have passed with no in-person worship gathering. This extended period of isolation from family, friends and familiar practices has stretched us all. Once again, I have to be perfectly honest, some of this time of separation from each other, I had my grumpy moments. I am sure you can relate; we’re just people.

What’s next for all of us in the world which has changed so much? No one really knows as the COVID19 discussions continue to be very fluid each day with new medical information. One thing appears certain, people are longing for connections and opportunities to share conversations again in person.

Churches will once again have an opportunity to meet special needs of people everywhere longing to belong, feeling welcome. This weekend as we wrap up our series after looking at classic, obvious Heroic Bible figures: Jesus, Esther, Joseph, and Nehemiah, YOU are also included among the HEROIC.

Join us FB online for MORE at Journey Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am. You can start a watch party and INVITE friends to share and give a shout out to you and the Journey family. If you are one of those that likes to read ahead or fast forward the movie, we’re taking the Bible background for this final lesson from Hebrews 11, the Bible Hall of Fame of Faith.

Famous people are listed in these Bible verses. YOUR name can be listed right along with the big guys and girls of faith for God through history. Join us as we discover HOW? I promise this is one of those lessons everyone can use during shelter in place experiences the last few months.

If God were in the sign business, He would place a sign in your yard which read, “Heroes live here!” How cool is that. HOP ONLINE and grab a few more nuggets of wisdom from the Bible for the longer days, yet to be endured.

WE are better together.

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