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Growing Living Things

Living in the country, surrounded by farming landscapes makes a wonderful picture frame of things which come to life each Springtime. In spite of COVID19 restrictions the virus cannot prevent new life from appearing right on schedule. Trees now filled with green leaves wave in the wind; baby birds in their nest wait for momma bird to return with fresh worms for breakfast. Squirrels playfully scamper across my yard two and three at a time searching for a leftover walnut from last winter, or maybe just a game of “tag-you’re-it.”

While driving my country road each day I also notice the rabbits are making a comeback, following a mild winter. With heavy spring rains they hop away into tall grass beside the roadway which now resembles people badly needing a haircut after quarantines. The sun comes up early again in the Eastern sky as I look out my kitchen window. The world is waking up again.

This picturesque scene of country life I have described is real and ready to enjoy with all our senses. This is not a virtual world enjoyed upon a flat screen TV or mobile device. You can smell the fresh cut grass in yards and hayfields. I hear the birds chirping, rooster crowing and see the Amish buggies with horses hooves going clippity-clop past my drive way each morning and night headed to work.

Life as God planned it for us is experienced best using all five of our senses. We’re not robots or mechanical machines with virtual touch screens. We are LIVING THINGS created in the image of God to enjoy community with our world and each other. This is the time and season to begin growing living things to enjoy. Soon gardens will have fresh vegetables which light up our taste buds with salads and tomatoes trimming burgers on the grill.

All of us would agree this has been a really strange and different year, 2020. All is not lost, it never is when God is in charge. This is GO TIME as I shared last weekend in our new series, MERGE, bringing the church back into the COVID19 world without becoming a train wreck. This will be like picking where/ how to invest our life savings; like profits and losses.

If you missed part one it is always posted on our Journey Church Cynthiana website/Journey app and our Journey Facebook page. This week in part two from the Gospel of Mark we share a few more words from Jesus instructions (Mark 4:1-20) regarding growing things eternal. Jesus told His followers this is a lot like farming, hard work, but it always pays off at the harvest time.

Join us in person if you are healthy and confident to come inside our Journey building with 6 feet apart guidelines. Read our safety guidelines on the website before you arrive. We shared these last week in multiple social media locations. Let us know if you any questions HOW we have reopened in-person worship gathering services. Once again, if you are still waiting for a time you are confident to gather with other people, join us at home, follow online Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am for Facebook live stream.

This weekend we share an update from last week. Everyone gave gifts for the “blessing baskets” from our Tide Jug (bucket) gifts last weekend. We’re spending 7 weeks going and giving kindness and love to 5 deserving families (unexpected) each week in a Jesus blessing from Journey. If you have a cool idea HOW to share with others to make them say, “Wow God,” let us know.

We are better together. It’s GO TIME…. Growing living things together!

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