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Good Stories Are the Best

With so much emotional fatigue from constant stories of COVID19 and civil unrest, I was ready for a little break. This morning, after breakfast, I received a text notice from a Journey friend. Today they officially retire after a long career of company service. My text message had a photo of my friend with a big smile, holding a cup of coffee before their last day at work. Priceless!

This feel good story to start my day made me smile for my friends good fortune. I felt good for my friend and their reward. Congrats to everyone who may have received good news or has a good story of recent favorable circumstances. Good stories are still trending in the wold today wherever you live.

This morning, when I got to the Journey building, I delivered $260 cash to a local business to hand out to their customers, $10 toward each purchase, until the money is gone. This money came from our Tide Jug pocket change ministry shared each week in our local community. We have given away thousands of dollars the last several years from this small mission to make other people’s day better tomorrow than it was today. It is always a good story.

Journey is currently in a seven week worship series from the Gospel of Mark. This series is titled, Merge. We are sharing Jesus words to help us move the church back into the market place AFTER the COVID19 shut down. The first week we blessed five (5) families with a “blessing basket” which included snacks, gift cards, books, and other items to make people smile and know they have been remembered.

Today, we gave $10 to each customer at a local business toward their purchase. Each week we will increase in some way our impact by adding (5) digits; it may in dollars or number of people served. Again, the idea is to build momentum in our community by sharing acts of kindness over the seven weeks of this worship series. On the last week of the 7 week series, we will do something with number 35 (5x7 = 35).

We may bless thirty five people or give away $350 dollars for greatest impact or just add another zero and maybe give away another car for $3500 to someone who has none. Good stories are good for everyone. Jesus said it best, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” Acts 20:35.

Journey has practiced this Biblical principal from the beginning of our launch, nearly 13 years ago (14 July 2007). We decided on the front end to be a different kind of church on purpose for the community. We welcome everyone like they are family. This is our brand and label we have worn all these years and it still ignites enthusiasm; this is who Journey has always been. Thank you, everyone who is currently or ever in the past shared parts of this mission and ministry; the God adventure called Journey Community Christian Church.

Journey has never felt jealous of good things which happen to others; just the opposite. We feel great joy, when learning of God stories from people around us, or even those who may move on, serving God and people in other locations. We are better together.

Hey, if you happen to go to another church and still read our weekly information or you are a regular at Journey Church, drop us a few words of good news. Tell us what God has been doing in your life lately.

Interesting stories of God’s love for all people, for all time, (John 3:16) are the best kind of stories to share. People Matter Most.

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