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Things That Annoy

Ok, we may as well get this out there. I thought I would just begin to share a list of some of the things which really irritate me, especially right now. So here goes; don’t judge me.

1- MASKS are a nuisance. I went to my annual eye exam wearing a mask. Glad I am done until next year. I now appreciate all of you in sales/retail wearing masks.

2- BLACK BIRDS and BLUE JAYS are impossible to scare away. Not only do they make a mess on my carport, just saying, my cat ignores them while they eat her food.

3- CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS that won’t stay off. Whoever thought a catalytic converter was a good add on feature, never drove the same car 240,000 miles.

4- SOCKS that disappear in the laundry. I once found a sock stuck inside my pants leg months later. Of course I had already thrown away the other one.

5- CABLE & SATELLITE TV is way over blown. I have over 100 channels and only watch five or six. When it rains or gets cloudy it turns itself off.

6- LOUD TRUCKS blowing black smoke. This is just not high performance cars with horsepower and headers. Just loud noise and black smoke.

7- GROUND SQUIRRELS who never die. For years I have watched this same guy burrow under my tractor shed. They are fearless of people and run faster than lightning.

8- WOOD BEES are a nuisance; so what if they don’t sting. I have holes drilled in every unpainted board. Has anyone ever captured the Queen bee?

9- CURBSIDE only eating. Windy, wet, humid days make it harder to enjoy a meal. In Kentucky we have all three of those weather moments most every day.

10- PUBLIC RESTROOMS closed. You pick your destination based on the next available restroom stop.

That’s my current Top Ten things which annoy me for now. This list will certainly change with time as we return to more of a normal life after COVID19 restrictions. Our time of stay-at-home guidelines have not been wasted. Most of us probably now realize many areas our freedoms were taken for granted before stay-at-home guidelines.

I think our bounce-back is going to be an exciting time to reboot and regrow things which matter most. People Matter Most. Doing kind things right now in our world and local communities really makes everyone feel good.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church our current worship series, MERGING the church back into a COVID19 world…. without becoming a train wreck, explores Jesus unchanging words for finding His wisdom and guidance when coping with life struggles each day. The Bible and Science agree, only 10% of our happiness is a result our circumstance) Psalm 1:1-3). Our choices and friendships determine about 40% of our happy feelings.

Part three, this weekend, online and in-person services, Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am promises to provide relevant tips for the best (happy) life, from the One (Jesus) who knows best. If this seems interesting and helpful to you, join us either FB LIVE STREAM digital Journey or our in-person Journey worship gathering, practicing 6 ft apart social distancing.

Start your watch party online with a few friends or come inside if your are ready to connect in person with others.

We promise to do our best never to annoy anyone. We are better together.

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