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Just now, as I was pulling into the parking space at the shopping center, an older model car temporarily cut me off. The driver didn’t look my direction and never saw me there. It was clearly unintentional. They appeared to be focused on the car coming from the opposite direction.

As the older car cleared the parking space in front of me, I noticed the driver side of the car was pretty banged up. This car and maybe the driver have obviously been in some kind of fender bender, getting dinged and banged up. The unaware driver today, of my car nearby, in the path of a potential collision, made me pause and reflect about most accidents which can happen.

The other driver never did see me. I slowed and nearly stopped but the driver was so occupied with traffic on the right they forgot to look the other way. Isn’t that the way many auto accidents occur? Almost out of nowhere, some type of scrape or auto mishap as a result of some small oversight or distraction, causing repairs which are costly.

It might be fair to suggest misunderstandings in personal relationship can be somewhat like auto accidents. We may be so focused on something urgent at the time. we completely overlook the person standing nearby, who is wanting and needing our full attention. Like distracted drivers are distracted relationships, just waiting for an accident to happen.

This weekend at Journey, part five, Father’s Day weekend, we’ll share some of Jesus own words regarding our Heavenly Father. As the KLOVE song shares, He is a Good Good Father. From the Gospel of Mark chapter six we discover God likes to lavish good things on all people everywhere, all the time. What if sometimes we forget to look His direction?

It is hard to put our love into words. If you have fond memories of your earthly Father, words are never enough to express our gratitude for Dad. This Father’s Day 2020, like Mother’s Day will be different. We will all stay 6 feet apart to social distance ourselves from others. Many of the favorite restaurants have limited seating inside. Maybe you can grab a table curbside with an umbrella outside to share good food and conversation with a few.

If distance or health concerns make it impossible to be with dad in person, even a phone call is a nice way to be remembered. It’s nice to be nice, however you do it.

Join us again this weekend, Father’s Day, Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am online FB livestream or in-person. We will celebrate our God who is good, kind and generous, more than we might describe. He loves us more, even if we get distracted; even when we have to say, Oops,”

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