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Make It Count

With so much information available these days about everything, it can be hard to interpret what is most relevant and essential. Not wanting to sound negative, at all, I am grateful for long range weather forecast which allow us to plan future outdoor activities. If you are planning an outdoor wedding this summer the weatherman is your best friend.

And who isn’t grateful for modern technology on electronic devices that provide timely alerts through the day. We keep our appointments better and remember to do timely maintenance for vehicles because of lights on our dashboard. Still, with so much information available everyone needs a plan for filtering through what is really necessary and helpful.

I was reminded of this yesterday at the 2020 High School graduation of my granddaughter. Connie and I also have a grandson who is a 2020 High School graduate. Both these moments caused me to think about how fleeting time really is for everyone. My own two adult daughters were sitting in the row with me watching the celebration. I clearly remember their graduation and believe it or my own graduation.

The graduation speaker was brief and direct. His challenge for the 2020 graduates focused on one word and thought. In the future, whatever it holds, after COVID19 restrictions are lifted seek God’s wisdom for greatest happiness. The speaker didn’t linger; this was not a sermon. He simply said, God’s wisdom is the secret sauce to success.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we return for episode six, in our current series, MERGE... embracing change without becoming a wreck. Once again, if you like to read ahead, we explore the Gospel of Mark chapter eight. Read the entire chapter for the best context of Jesus’ words. Our focus will be on verse 34-38.

Jesus gave instructions and advice for future successes much like the graduation speaker was doing yesterday. Jesus didn’t bother trying to unpack everything needed for the future. Instead He focused on the four BIG boxes to check. If you want a spoiler alert, don’t read this next line. Jesus listed the FOUR essential items on our check list to the best future possible: Self-denial, sacrifice, priorities, and loyalty.

Moments like High School graduations help us realize our time on earth with each other goes quickly. I agree completely with the speaker I heard, we’ll all need wisdom going forward each day in life. I hope and pray we are not wasting a moment of our time during periods of isolation and fewer freedoms. Join me in praying, for Journey, for all churches, for all people, we make it count when this coronavirus threat subsides in the world.

We are better together.

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