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Our world is more than ever, divisive, polarized, and angry in things related to politics and COVID19 recovery. Where might we agree? Churches are busy finding ways to create better conversations by working together. As Journey always says, “We are better together.” Later today Journey Community Christian Church is delivering 35 free pizza pies to random people just to help bring a little cheer to someone. It’s nice to be nice.

Finding agreement with things we share together is one of the most beneficial things anyone can do right now. In a recent article, Dr. Barbara Lee Fredrickson, psychology professor and head of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab at the University of North Carolina shared findings from research, “ways people are making the best of these unprecedented days.”

“She and her team surveyed six hundred Americans to ask about their daily activities and correlate them with the degree to which they experienced negative or positive emotions. Unsurprisingly, they found that people who spent time passively scrolling social media or interacting with people only through chat or text were most likely to report negative emotions.

By contrast, these activities were more likely to be associated with positive emotions: 1- Exercise, 2- Self-care (such as participating in hobbies or relaxing), 3- Engaging in spiritual activities (prayer or meditation), 4- Interacting with other people, especially via video or face-to-face interactions, 5- Going out of their way to help other people.”

The article concluded, in light of her team’s results, Dr. Fredrickson encourages us to change our response to others during the pandemic from “social distancing” to “physical distancing and social solidarity.”

We are better together, however we are able to be together. This weekend at Journey Church we launch a new summer series for six weeks. Together we are seeking wisdom words from the Bible to help us during times like these. This is your INVITE to join us in-person or online with our Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am worship gathering.

If this topic seems interesting and helpful to you just hop inside or online and give us a virtual wave; let us know how you are doing. Tell your friends to check things out also. Tell them Journey Church is the kind of church for the community. I promise we will continue to do everything possible to make someone’s better tomorrow, than it was today.

Say a brief prayer our pizza pie blitz today is a success. Pray we can make people smile a little bit; especially during these crazy COVID19 concerns and days of summer. Maybe consider a little less time on social media and build in some social time with your neighbors.

Like the doctor says, just stay 6 feet apart and say hello. Build some solidarity in your local neighborhood.

See you soon, either in-person or online. God loves you. Love one another.

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