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I remember only a handful of my childhood friends. How about you? If you lived in the same general neighborhood for a long time you probably had close friends all through public school. I can remember the schools I attended, but I was always the new kid at every school. Because of jobs and different circumstances, my family moved around quite a bit. I never really had those long term relationships from my early growing up years.

This weekend at Journey in part two of our summer series, Proverbs, we explore wise friend-ships. There is an old saying, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” Most all of us would admit this statement very true. Besides parents and family, our friends have the greatest influence in daily choices everyone will make.

Even though I can’t remember the names of many elementary school friends, I do remember some of the trouble I found myself in, listening to some questionable friendships. Pretty soon, I became pretty good at dreaming up trouble, all on my own, without any help. Just saying, choosing the best friends is wise and important for all of our life.

Friendships can be so rewarding and dangerous at the same time. Solomon writes in Proverbs, “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.” Proverbs 13:20. You can probably recall a few regrets that you allowed certain friends influence impor-tant decisions. We have been given God-given radar which warns us of potential trouble ahead, like a road-sign, flashing lights, “bridge out ahead.”

So, what causes people, normally sure-footed and wise to ignore some strong warnings and instincts about others? Generally, I think we all want to be accepted and belong. I know looking back in my early childhood where we moved a lot, I was craving friends. I fell into the group that welcomed a new kid into the circle the fastest.

Like an old TV Western movie script, those circles were mainly looking for more riders to rob the train and steal the gold. If you recall how those cowboy Westerns ended the bad guys usually were shot, hanged, or hauled off to jail by the sheriff. Maybe our world should start watching more of the old Western’s again?

Clearly, in the Bible, Solomon warns people just like us, all through life, train robbers and trouble makers are never our friend. Just saying.

We hope you can join us again, either in-person or online for Journey Church worship gathering. If you are in-person we have a birthday cookie for YOU on the coffee bar, both Saturday @6pm or Sunday @10:30am. Journey Community Christian Church just turned thirteen years old, July 15, 2020. Go Journey. Go God.

This weekend, hop online or step inside if you are ready. We will share together our worship and celebration of Journey life and our personal life with good friends.

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