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Choose Life

Staying healthy during COVID19 can be a tricky proposition for most of us. Finding the safest protocol for the nation is also challenging. We can probably agree, one-size doesn’t fit all with this virus. We have learned it affects people differently; depending upon location, age group, and pre-covid health conditions. After months with the virus, washing our hands, staying 6 feet apart, and stay home when sick may be our best strategy for the rest of the year whenever we live.

Recently, face coverings have been added by many states as recommendations when in public places. As people are now working again, considering plans for returning to school very soon, medical experts are doing their best to detail our safest protocol to follow in the weeks ahead. Ultimately, we are all having to learn how to be wise while living with some risks in life.

Life comes with risk. This morning I went out the door for my morning jog. About half way into my run a sharp pain in my calf muscle caused me to slow and then walk the rest of it. It was one of those 2020 things again. I have been trying to return to pre-covid days before the YMCA closed with some regular cardio outside again.

Maybe, I was doing too much, too soon; even so, I have to begin exercising or other health issues may come into play. Isn’t that our life always? Whatever we have chosen in this world comes with some risk. Eventually, we grow new confidence and are able to try something old or something new.

We are all having to make extra effort, during this virus to live our life to the full; we find comfort knowing, we’re not alone in this. Our God is bigger than any virus. Jesus once said, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” John 10:10 NLT

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we are diving back into the Bible and the life principles found in Proverbs for tongue control. Wow, which of us hasn’t thought, “Why did I say that?” During stressful days and anxious moments our words fall out sooner than is wise. Careless words can take the air and real life right out of the room.

Hey, if you are like me, looking for a few tips to practice better words and attitude this weekend worship gathering is just what the doctor ordered. join us this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana.

See you either in-person or online, Saturday@6pm or Sunday@10:30am. We are always better together.

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