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Table Talk

When we were kids in my house everyone was busy with jobs, chores, and school. But one thing which seemed consistent, we all ate the supper (dinner) meal around the kitchen table together whenever possible. Mom would give the signal everything was on the table.

Everyone in our household knew the rules: Mom was the cook and she enforced the supper time rules for mealtime. When se said, “Supper is ready, we better come inside, if we knew what was good for us.” It was our duty and responsibility to get off the tractor, put down the baseball bat, or get off the bicycle until supper was over.

During this daily feast of food, often grown in our own garden, our family prayed first, thanking God for rain and everything else. Then we began to dig in with both hands. The food was always nourishing; so was the family conversation which flowed naturally, bite after bite.

This was my regular family table talk I still remember when growing up as a kid on the farm. Now, years later, I wish this were still happening in families everywhere. With more opportunities to fill busy schedules each day, finding mealtimes together with regular table talk seem to have diminished. There is something therapeutic about regular table talk with your family members.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we dive into a part of Proverbs which may be controversial for some. I encourage you, if you follow Jesus, take a look at this section of Proverbs like a family having to discus a serious topic together; we are better together.

God who wants the best for us (like dad & mom in our family) has something to say about sexual temptation and sin. Everybody talks about sexuality everywhere except in church. We are going to discuss this topic in the same way our family might handle any controversy or concern. We will ask, “What does the Bible say about this?”

Our series from Proverbs is focused on finding wisdom in every area of life. The key verse in Proverbs is chapter 1:7: “Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

This fear of God is not like being afraid of someone who might harm us. Instead, it is more like respecting mom who had suppertime rules because she loved everyone around her table. God loves everyone and wants what is best. Outside the boundaries of marriage between a man and woman, our sexuality can be dangerous and damaging to our relationships.

Some topics are better discussed with your family. If you follow Jesus and this is one of those subjects you desire to know what God has said, join us this weekend. You can gather with us in person or online with FB livestream. Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am.

I am glad for my family, who helped me grow up. I learned many important things around that kitchen table with good food, helpful guidance and lots of love. We are better together.

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