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Within each of us is a God-given gene which pushes us to live generously toward others. This character trait comes into play in planned and unplanned situations every day. We see a stranger who has their arms full with packages, so we do the right thing, holding open the door for them.

Maybe you’ve recently overheard a rude conversation with someone behind the counter at a place of business. You felt badly for the person who was just trying to do their job. As you checked out, you thanked the clerk for doing their best each day. It’s always nice to be nice, especially in 2020.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we’ll explore wisdom words for living generously toward God and others. Check out Proverbs 3:9 for a sneak peak. If there was ever a time in our modern world when every-one needs a little boost of kindness, this is it. Our best chance at making a Jesus impact with others during these trying times, is choosing to live generously toward everyone we meet.

We all have to choose. We can decide to share kind words and even resources with strangers whenever possible. It truly is better to give, than receive (Acts 20:35). Jesus actions with others is the standard we can follow always; do what Jesus did, say what Jesus said. Living our life each day generously is the best medicine for everything wrong in this COVID10 world. Love God and then love people is the formula.

We invite you to invite a friend to gather with Journey family this weekend. One simple way to do that is just share this blog with a friend. Tell them they can step inside the door Saturday@6pm or Sunday@10:30am. Or they can also hop online and join us with FB live streaming. Let them know Journey Church is a place everyone can feel at home.

Better days are ahead; there will be times of more in-person gathering for the all the events which matter most. Until then, remind yourself, we are all better together, however we are able to do that.

Let us know how we can pray for you from a distance, or in person. Like breaking news on TV, share with someone the best kept secret to success in 2020 is God’s wisdom and prayers for everything.

Be generous.

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