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Fans of successful, long running TV sitcoms, such as, I Love Lucy, MASH, Andy Griffith, Seinfeld, Friends, and Cheers, all agree, eventually, there is the final episode. Then we begin to ask, “What’s next?” After trying new shows which can never seem to replace our favorites, we just wait until the reruns return. Maybe you’re feeling that way as our current sermon series wraps up this weekend.

Over the past six weeks Journey has shared one of my favorite Bible series for helping people who seek direction and focus in key areas of their life. Together, we’ve explored the timeless Biblical guidance found in the Book of Proverbs. We’ve discovered and applied God’s wisdom words to our real life situations in 2020.

If this sounds interesting to you and you missed it, learn more; catch any/all of these episodes/ lessons archived like favorite reruns on TV at the Journey website: and Journey App at the App Store & Google Play: JCommunity.

Journey friends local and from long distance have gathered with us during this Bible series. Some continue to catch us online weekly while others have begun to return in-person. We’ve explored God’s guidance for gaining more wisdom when picking friends, controlling our tongue, avoiding sexual sins, and handling our money. This weekend we’re finishing up by sharing a Biblical solution for getting out of DEBT.

This final Journey discussion on DEBT is sure to be another favorite and helpful experience from the Bible. Share this INVITE with a friend who may be searching for some practical help whatever their income level; let’s help someone get out of debt in 2020/2021.

If you’re wondering what is coming NEXT in our fall line-up, we’ve been prepping a fresh 6 week series titled, STAYING POSITIVE. So, may I ask you something personal? How are you doing with the “attitude thingy” during a pandemic shut down? If you are like me, continued limitations and COVID19 recommendations for masking up and keeping our physical distance begins to take a toll on mental health; we begin to feel fatigued by it all. I am sure this series will be a timely and helpful resource for myself and others as we move into fall.

Journey, like most churches is becoming a hybrid blend of in-person and online gathering of people. Now is a good time to share another INVITE with someone who may be nearby or far away and shuttered inside, feeling alone. We are better together.

Finally, as an update, Journey volunteers have been on the ground with small prayer teams of (3) people praying for our school campuses to safely reopen. We have stood in parking lots and on each corner of school buildings and begun to ask God daily for protection, confidence, and His wisdom as children and teachers return to classrooms. You can join us.

Join a team already formed; or form a prayer team of your own. Contact us (859.235.8449) at the Journey office and we can give you a few tips for making prayer specific for 2020 school reopening. Thank you for being a part of the Journey family, near and far.

Again, hoping to see you in-person this weekend at Journey or give us a wave online. I close with the key verse from our study in Proverbs.

“Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” Proverbs 1:7 NLT

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