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I just read where the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced all classes this fall will be online due to an outbreak of COVID19 cases. Parents had already spent last week moving students on campus. Local business were booming with new business from returning students. Now, everything has to pivot in another direction for the community.

This scenario of of uncertainty has become a regular routine for months now in our 2020 COVID19 year. Announcements of reopening are made in good faith which then must be rescinded or revised a few days or weeks later. The only thing which is constant in our current situation is that everything frequently changes.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church Bryan Martinez, our youth minister, will be speaking for me. Connie and I will be away for a few days. We are looking forward to a change of pace to see some friends. This will be a pleasant change for our Journey audience to hear Bryan bring his perspective in a message from the Bible.

The lesson Bryan will share is current and appropriate for our times today. He will explore the dynamics working against God’s family in the Old Testament, following repeated cycles of disobedience of God’s divine guidance. Generations of religious and government leaders allowed God’s people to drift away from the worship of the One True God.

If you are in town this weekend join Bryan and tell a friend. Show your support for LOST IN THE WILD

taken from the Book of Exodus. As always, you are INVITED to join our Journey family in person or online. Tell others and share the invite for Journey Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am.

Whatever circumstances in your 2020 life have created uncertainty, One thing never changes, God is with us, through it all (Matthew 28:20). He is bigger than our problems; we are better together. I am confident you will find strength and renewed hope once again from this ancient but never out dated story of God’s deliverance through our wilderness, called life.

P.S. - Don’t forget to keep praying for our local schools and their safe reopening in September. More prayer teams of (3) are forming. The last count I had Journey prayer teams were praying daily for several surrounding counties with Journey family connections. Others who follow Journey from a distance are praying in other cities and states.

More prayer is the best thing to do in times of uncertainty.

See you in a few days….


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