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I’m not even sure how to illustrate what I’m thinking today? The current situation in our COVID19 world is at best, conflicted; at times contradictory. Trying to sort through FaceBook posts of personal covid experiences, CDC guidelines, and daily updates from local health officials is like trying to decipher the correct path to follow in a corn maze at Halloween.

When lost, confused, and turned-around in a corn maze, stop and get your bearings. This weekend at Journey we begin a new end of summer and back-to-school fall sermon series which may help in 2020. The series from the Bible is titled simply, STAY POSITIVE.

This weekend we’ll begin by considering eight biblical suggestions for remaining OPTIMISTIC no matter the circumstance. One thing I continue to hear people share, “No one thought it would last this long!” I find a bit of irony in the fact that we are now eight months through the 2020 year. Maybe we will find one positive thought for each month!

Just to get things started with a positive twist in this Thursday blog, here’s my short list of a few positive 2020 observations.

1- Many people have tried eating better. Less processed fast food. More home-style cooking. Garden grown food groups are sure great in Kentucky.

2- When unable to gather with our normal social groups at work and church people gathered in smaller family groups for support.

3- More people talked. This was often old school, around a kitchen table or a real phone conversation. Not a media tablet or smart device to text messages.

4- We discovered manners are trending again. When people were angry over shortages of products on the shelf, it made nice look nicer!

5- We are trying harder to get along. When things have gone badly with politics and protests many people are looking for better understanding and solutions.

This is enough for now. Why don’t you make your own list before the coming weekend. Then join us in person or online. You can compare your short list with 8 positive ideas popping out from our look at the Bible together.

The 2020 modern world is certainly a tangled mess of emotions for many people we know. It seems complicated, like finding the exit on a busy interstate at rush hour. Busy highways look like spaghetti in a bowl for travelers lost. What do you do in heavy traffic filled with stress? If you are like me you grab your smart phone and the voice of Siri comes alive giving navigational instructions to my destination.

My friend, if you follow Jesus, you already know when our life gets tangled another voice comes alive; Jesus’ Words help us navigate and untangle whatever the mess might become in 2020.

Let me know if I can do anything. We will get through this. We are better together.

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